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After Exploring the Sultanate German Photographer Documents its Natural Beauty

Atheer – Oliver Allan

Sabine Reining is a thirty two year old travel enthusiast from Wiesbaden, Germany who works as a self-employed photographer. Having taken a sabbatical and used her time to travel around the Sultanate, in 2015 she started a blog dedicated to portraying Oman‘s natural beauty.

Reining told Atheer that her fascination with Oman began while she was on a layover in Muscat a number of years ago. “To be honest, I did not know much about the Sultanate prior to that day, so I was a little annoyed with the inconvenient stop,” she explained. “However, when the pilot prepared for landing, all of my negative thoughts were blown away at once. With my nose pressed tight against the window, I was looking down at a world of magic, feeling absolutely awestruck. A cyan coloured ocean, endless white beaches, clay cottages barely holding on to mountains reaching thousands of meters into the sky, green havens next to vast deserts. I knew I had to come back.”

According to Reining, ever since then she has been passionate about capturing landscapes and moments on camera and documenting them. She feels that Oman is the ideal place to pursue such a passion.

Wadi Al Shuwaymiyah

During her four month-long sabbatical, Reining drove more than 25,000 kilometres through the Sultanate. “My camera and I have literally explored every inch of the Omani wonderland,” she exclaims. “I drove all the way from Muscat to Salalah through the Empty Quarter and took the coastal road back north. It was a great adventure and a time I will never forget.”

When exploring, Reining prefers to travel alone as it enables her the freedom go wherever she wishes. Many a time she has started her day with a particular destination in mind, only to end up somewhere entirely different. “That’s one thing I love about Oman. You will find some of the greatest sights in the most unexpected places. Always keep your eyes open and don’t be afraid to explore the country off the beaten paths.”


Reining explains that as a female travelling alone, the Omani people she encounters along the way are extremely welcoming. “The Omanis are the friendliest and most warm-hearted people I have ever met. Whenever I needed help with my heavy luggage, or got lost in the middle of nowhere, people were always quick to come along and offer me their help. It’s completely authentic and heartfelt and they want nothing in return. The Omanis are very open-minded and interested in other cultures and backgrounds. I get asked a lot of questions about Germany wherever I go.”

Wahiba Sands

“I wish all foreign visitors would take this chance to connect with the local people. It helps us understand one other and overcome any prejudices we may have. Unfortunately there is a somewhat distorted idea of the Middle East in the Western World. That’s why I see myself as some kind of ambassador. I want to tell people about my experiences and show them the beauty of the country and its people.”

Ayn Athoom, Salalah

Reining feels that as a whole Oman is a fascinating place, having undergone unprecedented development over the past forty five years, yet maintained political stability and a strong hold on its traditions, something for which she thanks His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.

When asked where her favourite place in Oman was, Reining says that while it’s a tough question, the Khareef in Dhofar is a must see, as are the beautiful wadis that can be found across the country. Reining states that Wadi Al Shuwaymiyah is, in her opinion, the most spectacular of Oman’s many wadis.

Reining rounds off by saying “Oman is a country that is taking off towards a promising future without losing its past. The Omani landscape is so diverse and beautiful that it takes my breath away every time.”

You can visit Sabine Reining’s blog via http://www.midnightoman.com, to see some of her photography.

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