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Entrepreneur Nasra Al Ma’amari Produces Collection of Omani Themed Perfumes

Atheer – Jameela Al Abri

Entrepreneur Nasra Al Ma’amari has produced a collection of perfumes with a distinctive Omani touch, both for males and females and Atheer caught up with her to find out her story.

“I wanted to distinguish myself from the market. I thought I had the knowledge of how to manufacture perfume, so I said why not invent my own perfume?” she said.

“I started with two aromatic packages that I used in my body care products and then in 2015 after winning the direct support award from Al Zubair, I started working on my brand Asrar by Nasra. This project took me two years to come up with the brand design and identity.”

Al Ma’amari went on to explain that the brand logo that she eventually came up with symbolizes her vision, having worked to find a new niche in the world of perfumes, in which she looks to balance between east and west and make her products suitable for all segments of society.

Al Ma’amari said that when selecting the names of the perfumes in the collection it was felt that their identity and spirit would be better maintained if the names were Arabic. The collection is inspired by scents relating to the Omani environment, such as frankincense, mango, lemon, pomegranate and rose, mixed with Western aromatherapy.

Asrar by Nasra consists of five perfumes, two of which are for men, two are for women and one is unisex. The perfumes are Mizdan, Kanz, Yusma, Kiana and Azal.

Al Ma’amari rounded off by explaining that as a small institution she faced many challenges, including lack of knowledge.

“I lacked knowledge in how to manage my project but thank God since 2015 the Al Zubair Small Enterprises Centre has worked very hard on enhancing my skills and furthering my development. The consultancy I received from the centre has played an active role in developing my business and contributed significantly to the launch of this collection.”

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