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French President: China to Buy 184 Airbus Jets

Atheer – Oman News Agency

China plans to buy 184 Airbus A320 jetliners, French President Emmanuel Macron said today, in what is a diplomatic tradition aimed at defusing trade complaints.

According to Macron, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that his government would preserve parity in market share between Airbus and its US rival Boeing.

China has been known to make announcements relating to purchases of aircraft to coincide with visits by foreign leaders, in an attempt to defuse trade tensions.

Macron said that details have yet to be completed, providing no financial figures. At the list price for A320s, the order could total as much $18 billion, however large buyers often receive significant discounts.

“China will preserve its volume of purchases in the future and will preserve parity in market share between Airbus and Boeing,” Macron said.

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