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Nine Countries Compete for Import of Oman Oil in December

Muscat – Atheer

The monthly report issued by the Ministry of Oil and Gas has revealed that nine countries competed for the import of Oman crude oil in December. This was the highest level of competition over the course of last year.

The monthly report pointed out that the Sultanate’s production of crude oil and condensates during the month of December 2017 amounted to 29,975,512 barrels, which was a daily average of 966,952 barrels.

The total quantity of crude oil exported abroad in the month of December was 24,597,918 barrels, or a daily average of 793,483 barrels. This figure was 5.78% higher than the daily average for November.

The volume of crude oil imports by the People’s Republic of China during the month fell by 34 percent from November figures, to 50 percent.

Furthermore, Taiwanese imports of Oman crude oil fell 0.37 percent, while Indian imports increased by 0.40 percent.

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