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Nabhani Steps up Preparations for 2018 Competitions

Atheer – Oman News Agency

Omani tennis player Fatima Al Nabhani is set to continue her training programme in France in preparation for the French International Women’s Championship, which starts on the 22nd of January, in addition to her preparation for her 2018 competitions.

Al Nabhani will participate in a number of professional international tournaments this year, most notably the Qatar International Tennis Championship, which will be held in early February, followed by the Dubai International Open tennis tournament, before heading off to participate in a series of other international tournaments across the world.

Al Nabhani is looking forward to improving her technical and physical levels in order to give herself a better chance of performing well in this year’s competition, as well as to boost her international ranking. Additionally she hopes to gain international points which will enhance Oman’s international classification.

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