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January sees over 12,000 visitors to Land of Frankincense Sites

Atheer – Oman News Agency

The number of visitors to Al Baleed and Samahram Archaeological Sites during the month of January was 12,019, according to statistics issued by the Department of Frankincense Land Sites at His Majesty the Sultan’s Advisor’s Office for Cultural Affairs.

The number of visitors to Al Baleed Archaeological Park and the Land of Frankincense Museum was 5,459, while 3,501 people visited the Samahram Archaeological park. Furthermore Wbar Archaeological site received 2,081 visitors and Wadi Dokka received 978.

The Office of His Majesty the Sultan’s Advisor for Cultural Affairs is working to develop several archaeological sites, equipping them with utilities so to promote cultural and archaeological tourism in Dhofar.

Al Baleed and Samahram Archaeological Sites, Shasir and Wadi Dokka are registered sites on the World Heritage List under the name the Land of Frankincense Sites.

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