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 Omani medical student in Ireland receives scholarship

Atheer – Yahya Al Rashidi

Omani medical student Miaad moosa Alhinai has received a scholarship from the University of Dublin in Ireland, after finishing top of her graduating class. The name of the scholarship that she has been granted is the Ad astra academy scholarship.

Al Hinai’s journey started following her graduation from high school with a 95 percent average, faced with choosing between Irish universities Dublin University and Cork University. Although she was accepted to the University of Cork, Al Hinai chose Dublin.

“The first difficulty I encountered was choosing between the two universities, because I was accepted at the University of Cork, however I choose Dublin as it was my dream,” said Al Hinai.

She went on to speak about the difficulty of being away from home and the way in which she was able to cope with the situation, citing support from her family and friends.

As for her choice of pursuing this rather demanding field, Al Hinai said that she has struggled to get to this stage, however added that ultimately she enjoys a passion for this discipline.

Al Hinai rounded off by addressing other Omani expatriate students who are facing difficulties with being away from home, urging them to pay attention to their studies and their religion and strive to achieve the goal for which they are abroad.

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