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What are today’s temperatures?

Atheer – External Sources

Today’s high and low temperatures across the Sultanate are as follows:

Muscat: 24/14
Seeb: 24/14
Al Amerat: 18/14
Sohar: 26/15
Salalah: 27/15
Al Buraimi: 25/13
Ibri: 27/13
Suwaiq: 26/13
Rustaq: 27/13
Nizwa: 27/12
Jebel Akhdar: 15/7
Jebel Shams: 10/4
Bahla: 26/13
Ibra: 27/13
Sur: 26/15
Ras Al Hadd: 27/13
Maseera: 26/19
Duqm: 28/15
Marmul: 27/10
Salalah Port: 26/19
Khasab: 24/14

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