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Salalah Port looking to increase its services for 2018

Atheer – Oman News Agency

Salalah Port has completed the first bulk cargo transfer from one ship to another as part of its initiative to increase the variety of services offered for the year ahead.

The operation was carried out by one of the world’s leading operators in the field, Fendercare Marine, with the process including the transfer of vegetable oil from one ship to another, while the vessels were anchored in the port.

“The vision of the port is to make the supply chain more efficient and cost-effective, while increasing security levels,” said Andrew Dawes, Salalah Port CEO.

“This new liquid cargo transport service is designed to meet demand at the regional level, as well as in emerging economies in Africa.”

“We look forward to Salalah being the main location for this type of operation wherby the port, in collaboration with Fendercare, can play an important role in supporting the oil and gas market,” said Tom Vecchio, development manager at Fendercare.

Salalah Port seeks to create a number of new business opportunities that will contribute to the growth of Oman’s shipping and logistics sector, as well as support the government’s vision of the logistics sector serving as one of the pillars of growth and economic diversification in the Sultanate

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