Report: Omani economy to enjoy growth over 2018 thanks to new airport

Atheer – Oman News Agency

A report carried out by Cluttons Institution in the UK predicts that the Omani economy will grow by 5.2 percent over the course of 2018.

The start of natural gas production and the opening of the new airport in Muscat will lead to the most significant growth witnessed by the Sultanate since 2015, according to the report, which was published by Arabian Business.

The report added that the government’s efforts to diversify the Sultanate’s sources of income and increase development have led to positive growth, stressing that this will help stabilise the real estate market over the coming period.

Furthermore it suggested that the production of natural gas and the opening of the new airport would serve as the main drivers of growth. The new airport will almost double the capacity of passengers per year to over twelve million.

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