Tokyo to build world’s tallest timber tower

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A Tokyo skyscraper is set to become the world’s tallest wooden building, with plans in place to complete the 1,148-foot-tall timber tower by 2041.
A CNN report suggested that the 5.6 billion dollar project would be carried out by Japanese company Sumitomo Forestry.
The seventy-storey tower will be a hybrid structure made from ninety percent wooden materials. A steel vibration-control framework will underpin the design, which is of course an important feature in a city in which earthquakes are frequent.
The Japanese government is trying to encourage more developers to use wood, passing the Promotion of Use of Wood in Public Buildings Act in 2010, requiring all government buildings up to three floors high to be constructed with wood, or to at least utilise it.
Obviously, when it comes to wooden buildings, the burning question is are timber skyscrapers a fire hazard?
“There is a huge perception problem,” says says Dr Michael Ramage, of the Centre for Natural Material Innovation at Cambridge University. “Timber doesn’t burn in the way the public imagines. The great fires of London and Chicago were both sparked by very small pieces of wood. Very big pieces of wood are quite hard to set on fire. They aren’t kindling material.”
Canada currently holds the world record for the world’s tallest timber tower, at 164 feet tall.

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