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Diam releases statement on impact of red sea water

Atheer – External Sources

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (Diam) has released a second statement saying that the main emergency committee was continuing to monitor the red sea water of the coast of Barka.

According to the statement, data indicated that the red seawater would impact desalination plants, which in turn could affect water supply. Field teams from desalination companies continuously monitor and measure plankton levels in the sea water so to ensure the safe operation of desalination units.

The statement added that the committee is implementing emergency response plans in Seeb to ensure that the water service to areas supplied by the Barka desalination plants aren’t affected and don’t suffer a shortage or interruption in water supply.

The authority said that its main emergency committee would continue to monitor the situation closely, calling on people in Muscat to ration their water consumption.

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