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Shura Council member questions justification of Ministry of Transport renting million Rial building

Atheer – Al Mukhtar Al Hinai

Tawfiq Al Lawati, Shura Council representative for the Wilayah of Mutrah, questioned the justification of leasing a building to the Ministry of Transport and Communications for approximately one million Omani Rials per year.

This came in a Shura Council session for which Atheer was in attendance, with Al Lawati asking about the justification of the ministry leasing a luxury building in Al Asala Tower for 924,000 Omani Rials per year, particularly given the fact that other government agencies such as the Public Prosecution and the Public Authority for Consumer Protection rent buildings for significantly less.

Al Lawati alo went on to ask why the number of buildings belonging to the ministry was being increased in light of its declining role.

Minister of Transport and Communications Dr. Ahmad Al Futaisi said that the ministry continues to carry out all of its tasks in full, meaning that it still requires the same number of employees and hence needs to rent premises. He stated that the ministry’s building in Darsait was run down, with a better working environment necessary for employees.

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