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Apple planning giant high-end iPhone and a lower-priced model

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Apple is preparing to release a trio of new smartphones later this year. The trio will consist of the largest iPhone yet, an upgraded handset the same size as the current iPhone X and a less expensive model with some of the flagship phone’s key features.

According to Bloomberg, this comes in line with Apple’s attempts to appeal to the growing number of consumers who crave the multitasking attributes of so-called phablets (a term popularized by Samsung) while also catering to those looking for a more affordable version of the iPhone X.
Apple, which is already running production tests with suppliers, is expected to announce the new phones later this year.
The iPhone X hasn’t sold as well as expected since being released last year, with Apple selling 77.3 million iPhones in the final quarter of 2017 – a figure below analysts’ projection of 80.2 million units. Some consumers were put off by its price tag and with its next lineup, Apple is seeking to rekindle sales by offering a model for everyone.
“This is a big deal,” says Gene Munster, co-founder of Loup Ventures and a long-time Apple watcher. “When you have a measurable upgrade in screen size, people go to update their phone in droves. We saw that with the iPhone 6, and we think this is setting up to be a similar step up in growth.”
“The market that will see the biggest jump in sales is likely Asia,” he adds. “That market has many single-device consumers, and they love big phones.”
With a screen close to 6.5 inches, the new handset will be one of the largest mainstream smartphones on the market. While the body of the phone will be roughly the same size as the iPhone 8 Plus, the screen will be about an inch larger thanks to the edge-to-edge design used in the iPhone X.
The larger screen should especially appeal to business users, enabling them to write emails and manage spreadsheets on a screen as big as a small tablet. Like the iPhone 8 Plus, the new handset will probably allow split-screen modes for certain apps. Similarly to the iPhone X, the larger model will include a Face ID scanner that unlocks the device and enables payments.

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