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Carvings discovered at archaeological site as Ministry of Heritage and Culture completes excavation work

Atheer – Oman News Agency

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture has completed the third phase of its excavation work on the Al Khatam Archaeological Tower, in cooperation with a team from the University of Bologna in Italy. The third phase saw the completion of rehabilitation work at the archaeological site, located in Ibri.

Al Khatam tower, inhabited over the course of the second and third millennia BC, contains fourteen rooms connected by a corridor. Discovered at the site were a bronze dagger and a white limestone rock containing a carving of an animal (possibly a deer or a cow). It is likely that this rock was reused from a tomb from the Um Al Nar period (circa 2600-2200 BC).

The Ministry of Heritage and Culture carries out a number of rehabilitation and documentation programmes on the site, in compliance with UNESCO guidelines.

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