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What are the major causes of back pain?

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The British National Health Agency has said that back pain is a serious health concern for many people, adding that it can have serious implications, such as making it difficult to sit and sleep.

Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain, whereby pain is felt throughout the spine. According to Julie Jennings, a career therapist, back pain can be caused by a variety of different factors.

She explained that twisting muscles or ligaments is one of the most significant causes of acute pain in the back, noting that this does not cause serious damage to the body, however causes chronic pain that may be very severe. Pain in the neck or shoulder is also associated with back pain.

Furthermore, improper posture when seated may also play a role in causing back injury, as sitting in a poor posture for a long period of time can cause fatigue in the joints and muscles, and poor blood circulation. Being overweight can also be a major cause of back pain.

Jennings advised people to pay special attention to such symptoms, urging them to visit the doctor should so as not to exacerbate the issue.

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