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Consumers spending more money but less time on online retail sites

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The latest data from Adobe Analytics suggests that smartphone users in the US are now spending more money and less time when visiting online retail sites.

According to IT Pro Portal, over the last three years the amount of money spent by smartphone users when visiting online retail sites has risen 27 percent, however at the same time the duration of their visits has dropped ten percent.

This would suggest that consumers are now more comfortable shopping from their mobile devices, which is in part due to a quick and relatively easy user experience. Online retailers have been ensuring that their sites are faster and more intuitive, which can account for the up tick in sales made via smartphones.

Sales via desktop and tablet have also been on the rise, although not to quite the same extent as smartphones.

Adobe predicts that the launch of 5G and improvements in mobile Internet speed will lead to a further increase in mobile sales that it believes could reach $12 billion a year in 2021. However, currently mobile sales only account for 23 percent of the $108bn online sales made during last year’s holiday season.

Despite the fact that US smartphone users are spending less time on each website that they visit, overall they are spending more time online. There has been an increase of 90 percent in mobile web visits in the US since 2015.

As more consumers have grown to depend on their smartphone as their primary computing device, businesses can capitalise on this opportunity by improving both the speed and the user interface of their mobile sites.

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