Dropbox to improve performance for users by expanding global private network

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Dropbox has revealed that it is set to expand its global private network, by making its collaboration platform available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric, as well as by launching six new points of presence across North America and Europe.

According to IT Pro Portal, Vice President of Infrastructure at Dropbox, Akhil Gupta was quoted as saying “by rolling out network infrastructure across the globe over the last two years, we’ve improved performance and reliability for all of our users, by allowing them to get more direct access to our data centres.”

“The enhancements that we’re announcing today will extend these benefits to even more users around the world.”

Dropbox is expected to launch its new points-of-presence in Atlanta, Denver, Berlin and Toronto during the first half of this year, with Stockholm and Oslo launching later on in the second half of 2018.

By the end of the year, the company’s infrastructure footprint will span 29 facilities in twelve countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Through additional infrastructure, Dropox will be able to reduce the number of ISPs that user traffic has to travel through before reaching its data centres. This will help reduce latency and provider users with a more reliable experience when using the company’s collaboration platform.

Dropbox will also allow users to peer with the company to gain access to fast, reliable bandwidth owned by the company. It offers this service free of charge and already has thousands of peering partners worldwide.

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