Zubair SEC announces winners of 2018 Direct Support Programme

Muscat – Atheer

Winners of the Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC)’s Direct Support Programme 2018 have been announced at a ceremony held under the patronage of Al Zubair Muhammad Al Zubair, Vice Chairman of The Zubair Corporation.

The Direct Support Programme, which has established a credible reputation in the SMEs sector, has grown extraordinarily, having been providing support and mentorship to young entrepreneurs and business owners for the last four years.

The number of applicants for this year’s Direct Support Programme was 225, with ten winners announced.

Al Zubair Muhammad Al Zubair, Vice Chairman of The Zubair Corporation, said that the company gives “great importance to supporting entrepreneurs directly and indirectly,by offering them expert knowledge, resources and support.”

“We are confident that all who have applied to the programme have gained some sort of insight towards what can be done better to take his or her project to the next level. I would like to therefore encourage you all to continue working hard in order to achieve your dreams. You can be sure that Zubair SEC will always open its doors to extend help for you at any time,” he added.

Lina Hussein, Head of Communication and Social Impact was quoted as saying “we have been able to scale up the impact of our Direct Support Programme thanks to our strategic partners who have showed trust in the programme and contributed to its success by adopting seats. The trust of such leading organisations is something we value and capitalise on and the adopted members have benefited significantly from such collaboration.”

“Year after year, we realise more and more that what such young business owners really need, in addition to the comprehensive advisory and guidance we offer, is help in exploring business development opportunities. As such, we have been very keen on extending business development services and opportunities to our members, through our partners and collaborating organisations, all falling under our key strategic initiative Tajseer, that focuses on business development and facilitation.”

Zubair SEC’s Direct Support Programme is considered one of the leading support programmes in the field of entrepreneurship in the Sultanate. It aims to create a spirit of positive competition between Zubair SEC’s members, who aspire to earn a package of valuable advisory, business development services, as well as a financial grant that is spent through a set working plan implemented in cooperation between the centre and the winning members.

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