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Ambassador discusses Omani ties with Uzbekistan in wake of agreements being signed

Atheer – Oman News Agency

Oman and Uzbekistan have enjoyed relations based on mutual respect, non-interference in the affairs of others and joint cooperation in various fields, since the Sultanate recognised Uzbekistan’s independence in December 1991.

Omani Ambassador to Uzbekistan, Mohammed Said Al Lawati, explained that the Sultanate was one of the first countries to recognise Uzbekistan’s independence and diplomatic relations were established in 1992. The Omani embassy in Tashkent was opened in April 2010, he added, going on to say that relations between the two countries are witnessing remarkable progress.

The ambassador revealed that twenty agreements and memoranda of understanding ha recently been signed between the Sultanate and Uzbekistan. It is hoped that the volume of trade exchange will increase after a transport and transit agreemen was penned, with the two countries also having a number of agreements in place within the field of economic cooperation.

The Sultanate recently decided to treat Uzbekistanis as part of the mechanism to facilitate the granting of tourist visas and businessmen to Iran, India, China and Russia.

Al Lawati also said that ideas were in place to study the feasibility of organising direct flights to ship cargo between Ukbekistan and Sohar, noting that Uzbekistan has exports of fresh fruits, dried vegetables, textiles, cotton and meat, while the Sultanate would export fish, dates, oils and agricultural products.

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