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How do I get to the new airport?

Muscat – Atheer

With the new Muscat International Airport due to open its doors for the first time tomorrow, both outbound and incoming flights are set to be transferred from the old airport. Although located in relatively close proximity to the new airport, passengers are required to take a different route in order to get to the new building.

So, how can you get there?

If you are heading along the Sultan Qaboos Highway towards Seeb, once you pass McDonald’s in Azaiba you will want to keep right and take the slip road. You will then continue on the slip road until you reach a right turn-off, which you take. You will loop round until you see a sign that directs you to the Passenger Terminal straight ahead, or right to Airport Services and Goods Delivery. Continue straight on and make sure that you don’t take the right turn after the sign, as this will lead you to cargo and airport services. From here the road will take you straight on to the new airport, which you will be able to see up ahead.

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