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Study claims focusing on breakfast more than other meals may help reduce obesity

Atheer – Oman News Agency

Paying more attention to breakfast than lunch and dinner may be help in losing weight and control glucose levels, a new study has claimed.

Adults with obesity and type 2 diabetes lost more weight and were able to maintain better blood glucose levels three months after eating a high-energy breakfast every day.

According to the American Society for Obesity, about ninety percent of adults with type 2 diabetes are overweight or obese.

The researchers said the study that consuming a piece of bread consumed at breakfast lead to a lower response to glucose than a slice of bread consumed in the evening did.

The study included 29 adults, including 18 men and 11 women with an average age of 69 years. All of the participants were obese and had type 2 diabetes. They were divided into two different groups, with the first having a large breakfast, a medium sized lunch and a small evening meal. The second group had six small meals per day.

The researchers found that people in the first group lost an average of 5 kilograms after a few months, while the second group gained an average of 1.4 kilograms.

Furthermore glucose levels in the first group decreased by an average of 54 miligrams per decilitre from 161 miligrams per decilitre to 107 miligrams per decilitre after three months, whereas in the second group levels decreased 23 miligrams per decilitre, from 164 miligrams per decilitre to 141 miligrams per decilitre.

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