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Fine of over 4,000 Rials handed out for sale of expired food

Muscat – Atheer

The Preliminary Court in Izki has issued a ruling against three defendants for violating Consumer Protection Law No. (66/2014) fining them 4,200 Omani Rials.

The Department of Consumer Protection in Al Dakhiliya received a complaint from a school in Izki, claiming that the school canteen had been selling food products, some of which weren’t marked with a validity date and others that had already expired. In addition, some of the products were marked with a false expiration dates.

The Department of Public Prosecution in Izki, carried out an investigation into the case, with three individuals convicted of providing consumers with incorrect information about the produce. Two of these defendants were fined 2,000 Omani Rials, while the third was haded a fine of 200 Omani Rials. The goods in question were also seized.

The Public Authority for Consumer Protection calls for the provision of the Consumer Protection Law and its executive regulations, as well as against false and misleading advertising when promoting goods and services.

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