Z-Corp extends support to Oman Handball Association to organise school championship

Muscat – Atheer

In line with its goal of encouraging a passion for sports among school students, the Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) has extended its support to the Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship, which is currently being held across the country. Twelve teams and 256 players from various schools are set to participate in the championship.

Mitsubishi Oman, represented by General Automotive Company, organised the competition in association with the Oman Handball Association (OHA). General Automotive Company, which is the official distributor for Mitsubishi vehicles in Oman is a subsidiary of the Zubair Automotive Group.

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, Z-Corp is actively involved in supporting local based initiatives that encourage the participation of children in sports.

“We are extremely grateful that a group like the Zubair Corporation is supporting our association. Z-Corp’s commitment and support has given an enormous boost to development of sports and associated clubs in the country,” said Dr. Said Ahmed Al Shehri, Chairman of the Oman Handball Association. “Inspiring school students’ participation in such tournaments will make a positive difference to their lives.”

Zuwaina Al Azri, communications manager at Zubair Automotive Group was quoted as saying “in the framework of enhancing public and private sector partnership, Z-Corp has been supporting all the activities of Oman Handball Association since we signed an agreement in October 2015. Z-Corp has played a key role in sponsoring and developing sports in the Sultanate by supporting professional and amateur sports organisation, sports clubs and competitions. We have a strong commitment to supporting sports teams, clubs and organisations across the Sultanate. These school students are Oman’s future and we are delighted to support them.”

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