How to remove information from Facebook without deleting your account

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Facebook has recently faced a big problem with user data leaks, with the platform not making it easy for users to delete posts, photos and tags.

According to AIT news, these are the steps to removing data from Facebook without deleting one’s account:

– How to delete photos

Deleting entire albums is much easier than deleting individual photos. You can completely delete the album in just a few clicks, while you have to remove individual photos one by one.

– How to delete albums

Go to your photos page and click ‘albums.’ Navigate to the album that you want to delete. Click the button in the top right and select ‘delete album’.

– How to delete individual photos

Go to your photos page. Click on the image to open it. Press the ‘options’ button. Select ‘delete this image.’

– How to delete tags on photos

While you can delete your photos, there may still be some photos that you have been tagged it. In order to untag yourself you need to go to your activity log, click ‘photos and videos,’ then select the photos that you’re tagged in. Click the box on the right of the posts that you want to remove the tag from. Click the button at the top of the ‘report/remove tag’ page. Now select the option to remove the tag on this image and click ‘remove tag.’

You can remove the tag for ten images at once.

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