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Photo exhibition about the Sultanate opens in Paris

Atheer – Oman News Agency

An art exhibition titled Oman and the Bedouins has opened in Paris. The 44 photos, which belong to French artist Pierre China Arcabo, are on display until the 5th of April.

“I visited Oman last December and really fell in love with the country, which is rich in diversity, beauty and heritage. When I came back to France, I said to myself, I have to create an exhibition of the photographs that I took there in order to tell the story of this jewel of the Arabian peninsula,” he said.

“I wanted to shed light on the importance of Omani heritage and its modernity, through photography.”

The opening ceremony was attended by His Excellency Dr. Ghazi bin Said Al Bahr Al Rawas, military attaché at the Omani Embassy in Paris.

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